Yes, the title of my blog is a bit strange. Why you may ask did I title my blog this. Well I have often thoght about that chicken standing in the middle of the road and I had to swerve out of its way. I always seem to be encountering 'chickens' in the road of my life. Just when I am riding life's highway some big challenge comes and blocks my way in life. Sometimes I have to sit there and wait until it passes and be patient, and other times I manage to swerve around it and figure out how to deal with the block quickly. And then there are times that my rebellious side slams on the gas and drives right through it, haha
So see the full 'chicken in the road story' visit the post about it

My Very Favorite Stories

These are some wacky and crazy stories of my life. My sisters and kids have told me for years to share them, so here goes...

Froggy Hunting

When I was about seventeen years old, I was driving in my 1971 Volkswagon bug with my cousin and two guys. We were in Ephraim, Utah and bored to death. As we drove by Snow College, it was dark and the road was deserted. As I was driving, I noticed a frog was in the road, and then another and another. All of a sudden, there was bunch of frogs right there on the road, so I drove towards each one, zig zagging in the road. We thought it was very entertaining to watch them jump! 

A few minutes later, I looked in the rear view mirror and a cop was behind me with his siren on and lights flashing. I was being pulled over! So, I had to think fast. As the cop approached my car and aimed his flashlight in my eyes, I had my contact on my finger. "Sorry contact fell out and I was trying to find it...I know, I lied, but he would have most likely given me a ticket for reckless driving or something. Well, it worked and I learned a valuable lesson that night. Don't chase frogs in the road....while you're driving. You have to give me some credit though...that was some fast thinking on my behalf! Ha ha!